Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Papa is the Best

Of course, we always tell that to my husband. Papa is the best. But coming from the kids' doctor, it became another proud moment to share.

You see, IC was sick last week. On a Thursday night, she was running a fever and was throwing up. Papa was so worried (I am the 'cool' one in the family); he wanted to bring her to the hospital. I told him to let her rest first and we could bring her early the next morning to the doctor.

The next morning, Papa grabbed the phone before 8 am to call for an appointment. We could bring IC at 9 am to the doctor; good thing we found an early appointment. But since we've arranged for MC to be picked up for kindergarten at around the same time, someone should stay at home.

Guess who stayed? I stayed, of course. There was no question about that. When it is about the kids' health, it is my husband who takes the full responsibility. He would take a leave of absence or do undertime; to bring/drive the kids and his wife to the doctor. No matter if he's got an important appointment or is real busy at work. He would cancel or would do overtime. His family takes precedence first. Always.

And so it goes...he brought IC to the doctor. What did the doctor told him? 'I find it amazingly beautiful that you took the time to bring your daughter to the doctor. It is not often that I encounter things like that in my practice.'

Well, according to my husband, the doctor only said 'gut' but I want you to know how proud I am of my husband thus I have the license to exaggerate. Plus, I am so thankful to the doctor for speaking those words.

I have always taken it for granted that my husband would always be there for us. I didnt realize that he was doing something extraordinary. Thus, I am now telling him that I am really proud of him. I am sure the kids would also be telling him, that they are really proud of their papa.

You are one of a kind! And of course, though you always hear this; we want you to read it, too: We love you very much!


Analyse said...

you've got a one of a kind there, keep him hehe..

frenchguy's a doting dad too but i think, in times of sickness, it would still be me who would stay.. it happened already, and he didnt even propose himself haha..

ScroochChronicles said...

What a great dad!! And he's not afraid of the hospital :)

Classic kasi ang mga Pinoy dads na takot..or ayaw lang...dalhin ang mga anak sa doctor. Mama kasi is always there di ba :)

Christianne said...

Sweet naman ng Papa!

Anonymous said...

cant agree more - that is beautiful indeed. yan ang God's gift :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, we're blessed to have such sweet and hands-on husbands... Hindi sila pa-macho effect. My husband doesn't mind doing the laundry (though I mind, hehe, hindi natatanggalan eh) and going to the wet market! :)

raqgold said...

ana, am keeping him, hehe

cookie, most dad's kasi thinks mama can do everything. and they are sometimes afraid to volunteer, afraid to make mistakes :D

christianne, that's why he's the best :)

lady cess, right, he's one of my blessings

chateau, wow, maybe our husbands' can sometimes exchange household tips, ahahaha