Thursday, November 20, 2008

IC's Grocery List

The first three on the list are my husband's. Those in all caps next are mine. Those in all big caps on the right belong to IC.

The third on the list is pizza. Noticed how she wrote the 'z's? After pizza is 'wasser' (water); noticed how the 'w' turned upside down; and her 's' tends to 'sleep' a little, too. But hey, she's still learning. The main thing is, she's enjoying her scribbles.

That is always how my grocery list would look like -- chaotic. Because I do encourage my kids to tell me what they need or to remind me if I forgot something. When they do, they would want to write down their ideas.

I have started doing that when they were younger. When they were still learning how to write, the grocery list would look like a drawing of a tornado with their kriddle kraddle. Most of the time I needed a new list.

But it was during those grocery list times that both kids found their enjoyment with writing and with words.

I cant wait for the time when I would just be opening and closing the cupboards to check what is needed while dictating the grocery list to them :)


Anonymous said...

hehehe Very cute! Love the idea actually.Matuto mag sulat!

Hi Raguel! first time ako nag comment dito although napapagawi rin ako dito,mahiyain kasi ako hehe


Anonymous said...

You will be there in no time :) At least they get to list down these things now. Ako, verbal ang pagbilin ng panganay ko. The thing is, sometimes I forget, hay.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's cute! Time flies so fast. I'm sure that time will come soon.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


wait kung marunong na cla..........bow-bow ka na lang sa list nila.....heheheheh