Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Those Old Shirts and Creativity

Dont throw those old polo shirts.

Because you could use them as smock for your creative kids. Just look at the photos below.

See? Simply let them wear the shirts the wrong way (the front in the back) and voila -- you've got something to protect your kids' clothes when they are busy with their paints or whatever artworks they are working on. If you have long sleeve shirt, simply cut the sleeves a little shorter so it wont disturb the kids.
Of course, you would also need something to protect their chosen work table. Depending on what we have -- they either use a thick carton or a plastic table cloth.

Just because it is winter and they be creative outside that doesnt mean they couldnt work inside right? Here are more tips to encourage the kids' creativity inside the house:

1. Use more crayons or colored pens (nope, not pentel pens) and when they really wanted to paint, buy those small tubs of paints and those thin brushes.
2. Tell them to concentrate on painting or creating small pieces so that there would be less clutter and less mess :)
3. Keep coloring books at home or you could also print their favorite characters from the internet.
4. Have towels nearby just in case.
5. Be clear to them that they should clean after themselves, this would encourage them not to create more mess than when they know that mama would be doing the cleaning afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

great tips! i like number 5 the most :D