Friday, November 7, 2008

The First Sunday of Advent is in November

I only realized that today!

That means, there would be three more weeks to go. And I still dont know how to start with our own advent wreath!

I am planning to create one this year. Althought I am tempted to check out the Advent Bazaars these coming week, I have decided that I am keeping the money this year. The costs of the advent wreath is just too much (it was 20 euro in 2006 and 40 euro in 2007 -- what would it cost this year!).

After all, I have kept all the decors of the old wreaths and have used them during the other Christmases, too. I simply needed to buy the candles and some fresh pines and maybe re-touch some of them with red and gold sprays.

So wish me luck! For after the Advent wreath, I would only have a few seconds break as I also need to get busy with the girls' Advent calendars.

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Soy said...

I so envy you. It never crossed my mind to create/buy advent wreaths. I see advent calendars in the shops but I don't buy them because I know there are chocolates in every date - which would mean that I'd have to open 3 days instead of one to satisfy my two boys and their dad!

Or maybe I'm not just creative at all. Or even not bothered! hehe