Monday, November 24, 2008

Secret 'Cuddle Time' with IC

It started a few weeks ago.

IC usually would wake up as early as her sister. But not that cold and dark morning.

IC woke up a few minutes after MC stepped out of the house. I asked her if she wanted to stay longer in bed. She said yes. So we cuddled a bit. IC rubbing her warm feet into my cold feet.

Then she said she's hungry, so we fot up. And yet, we continued cuddling.

We cuddled in the kitchen. I let her sit on my lap while having breakfast.

We cuddled in the bathroom. I let her sit on my lap while brushing her teeth and while washing her and while helping her dab lotion all over her.

We cuddled in the bedroom. I let her sit on my lap while helping her dress up and while combing her hair.

And the highlight of our cuddle time? When we cuddled in the living room while watching a short cartoon. For me to agree to turn on the tv and to watch a program with her at such an early time -- that tickled her a lot. And for me to tell her that this is our secret cuddle time, that made her day :D

I did bring her to kindergarten, just a little later than usual. It was worth it. Because the next morning she told me, 'Mama, let us stay cuddling again.' That's the greatest compliment of all.

But I had to tell her that we cannot do that everyday, or else it would not be a secret anymore. She would need to wait. So now she learned to be patient for the next cuddle time.

I didnt realize that cuddle time, aside from giving us a special bonding time, would also give her the chance to learn how to wait patiently. She knows it's worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

Aaaawww! Such a heartwarming post!
I love cuddles too! In my opinion, they are right there with hugs and kisses! ;)

Anonymous said...

ahhh this cuddling thing!My both kids loves it,too.

mama hugs??mama hugs?? if they need something mama hugs?? when I scold them mamahugs?? esp. when I'm busy.Minsan kairita but gotta love them for it!:)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


si kim, ganoon pa rin, kaya lang minsan ako ang

minsan, wrong timing kasi, dami kong gawain.....hahahaha

sabi pa nga, enjoy it, while they lambing us,,,,kay may time wla na, iba na ang cuddleeeee nla....huhuhuuhu

Anonymous said...

this is so sweet!