Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday's Treat: Pippi Longstockings

'Pippi feiert Geburtstag' (Pippi celebrates her Birthday), that was the tittle of the much-awaited theater show that we watched last Sunday with the kids.
IC, who's a real Pippi fan, had to be in a Pippi costume, of course! The theater was full of familywith small kids ( from grandparents to small babies) and most of the kids are in costumes :)
I bought our tickets just a few months ago and that was already a little late as I almost didnt get good seats for the four of us. I didnt think it would be selling like hotcakes! Well, I learned a lesson.
Nope, we werent allowed to take photos during the show, the casts were already taking a bow when I snapped these photos. I did it because I saw others taking photos, too.
Plus, I promised IC she would get photo souvenirs. Am glad I took the opportunity as she was smiling from ear to ear when she looked at the photos. Oh yes, the show was great; I could definitely tell as the kids had only all eyes and ears on stage despite it being almost a two hour show with a 15 minutes break.

Here is IC's favorite Pippi face painting. What do you think?

I am sharing things I learned when watching such well-visited shows with the kids:

1. If allowed, bring small snacks and a drink bottle inside the theater.
2. Ask the kids to use the toilet before the show starts.
3. You could bring a seat booster so that the kids wouldnt have to seat on your lap or to crane their necks to really get a good view.
4. Be aware of other kids watching behind you, some people wouldnt even care if they are hampering the view just because they wanted their kids to have a better view.
5. Buy the tickets earlier so you could find good seats. And I suggest to get those corner seats so the kids could have more space to move or to get a better view.
6. And of course, if this would be the first theater visit, let them know what to expect -- it would be a little dark inside, avoid talking and if there are questions, ask them quietly, etc.
7. And, enjoy the show!


lovelyn said...

cute ni IC!

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

ang ganda ni IC!

Anonymous said...

Nice facepaint, IC :)

Good thing you were ableto take photospara kahit pano, the kids can go see these and remember the fun times :)

Anonymous said...

I used to watch the Pippi Longstocking movie (or was it movies?) when I was little. Thanks for having me remember:)