Monday, November 17, 2008

Homemade Dried Apple Rings

Here is one snack that is a favorite of mine, dried apple rings.

I could munch on it for hours and what makes me love it more is that it is really not lined up along the sweets department. The kids dont really like it, but then they learned how to do it by themselves thru the nutrition program in their kindergarten. The result? They are now munching on it just like mom!

Since we get apples from our farm market almost every weekend, we buy enough of those freshly picked fruits to make our own dried apple rings. It is not only great as snacks but the times spend doing this procedure with the kids are really special bonding times.

If you want to do this dried apple rings at home, it is very easy!


lemon (I dont know if calamansi would do the trick, too)

1. Wash the lemon and squeeze the juice on a bowl.
2. Wash the apples, remove the seeds and cut them into slices. Don't peel off the skin.
3. Dip the sliced apples into the bowl with lemon juice, one by one. And place them on a plate.
4. When you are done, tie those apple slices on a string and hang them to dry (see photo below). Or you could simply leave them on a place, without cover. They could be eaten after 4-5 days, when they are already dry.
Why not try it? This is fun and simple to do with the kids.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo raq,

thnks sa site ni lilay,

meron akong post doon, nakita ko last time.nagbisita ako dito sa iyo, nakita ko sa isang site mo ang site nya.
meron akong post doon......nawala ang post ko,

ay oo nga, yon apple- dried mo, sarap....dami pang apple ngayon ano?

noon, gawa ko dried ko cla sa backofen, masarap din at sandali lang mga 20-30 mins. lang, 200 grad.

cgi, thnks for the visit ha.......

regards to all

Anonymous said...

tag-aaple nga last few weeks, nag dried apples din ako. nasarapan din ang mga bata. mabuti naman! hehehe

Heart of Rachel said...

That's worth a try. Thanks for sharing this healthy snack.