Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MC's Promise to Her Grandpa

MC promised her opa (grandpa) that she would help him decorate his Christmas tree this year.

Now that oma (grandma) is gone, MC said she dont want opa to miss the joy of having the traditional Christmas tree in the corner of the living room.

Now she's asking almost everyday if it is time to help the opa. We assured her that there is enough time. That opa usually decorates the tree on the 23th of December.

MC's learning how to keep a promise.


Anonymous said...

wow ang aga ng decorating ng Christmas Tree. But it is a good activity with Grampa. Your kids will remember that forever.

IA. said...

Hi there! Just blog-hopping.

It's very sweet of MC to be so excited about making her opa happy this Christmas! I'm sure the opa will enjoy the activity with his apo.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's really very sweet of MC. She's such a kind hearted little girl.

Anonymous said...

aww...sweet little MC. {{hugs to her and to opa}}