Monday, September 10, 2007


What were you doing Sept 11, 2001? I remember I was seven months pregnant with my first daughter when my husband told me he's been hearing something on the news about planes crashing all over the US. He told me about this around 6 pm, after finishing a job interview. We immediately turned on the tv and the first thing that I saw was the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center.

It doesnt seem so real to me at that time. It was fascinating to watch and yet so unbelievable to be true. And then the second plane banged straight into the second World Trade Center Building. I was shocked beyond belief. Am I staring the evil in the eye? My first thought was the baby in my womb. How can I bring her into a world full of evil?

But a natural optimist, I've decided, the world would be a better place for her. I thought of mothers' getting united to fight against evil. I know they are feeling what I am feeling in that same day. We need to avenge the good. And I am sure, the good would prevail. While watching the regular commentary on tv during that day and the next days after; I was also pervently praying for a better world.

And indeed, a better world came when I gave birth to MC two months after. I believe, we have a beautiful world. I can see it clearly through the eyes of MC and IC. And I can feel it in the beating of my heart.

I am sharing this good read in memory of 9/11.

'I Promised I Wouldn't Hang Up'

Lisa Jefferson, the phone supervisor who took Todd Beamer's call on Flight 93, believes God called her for a purpose. Read more here.


auee said...

9-11... I was just settling in London then. No one in the office would believe me that the CNN site is down due to traffic. When we figured out why, BBC was down, too! Everyone was just shaken.

I was actually thinking that USA was suddenly exposed. No more superpower. The pictures shown everywhere were truly unbelievable.

raqgold said...

you are right. the superpower got it bad. it suddenly seemed like the world isnt safe anymore.