Sunday, September 2, 2007

Potted Memory

It was already around 10 pm tonight that I realized tomorrow is the first Monday of the month; meaning, PMN Fam Pics time! Arrgh. Since tomorrow is a crazy day, with the painters coming (we are having our whole house repainted for maintenance purposes), I decided to finish my blog tonight. Oh yes, I know what photos I have in mind but when I was already writing, I began to have doubts about the theme 'Potted'. I dont want to run away from the theme!

Potted means pots therefore plants. But I have a vase. Would this be 'potted,' or 'vased?' I decided to check the dictionary and it said: A pot is a rounded container used for domestic purposes. Hmm, a vase is round and it is used domestically. When I checked the thesaurus it became the following: basin, bowl, casserole, cauldron, crock, crucible, dish, jar, pan, saucepan, stewpot, teapot, urn, vessel -- but no vase! Well, that wont stop me. From now on, a vase is also a pot; even if I have to re-write the thesaurus :-)

So here's my take:

My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last month, and these dried bunch of flower is my wedding bouquet. My husband loves orchids and I love roses; therefore my wedding bouquet is a simple mix of the two. It was my husband who arranged for the bouquet, it never entered my mind that I would be needing one, really! Imagine my surprise and delight when I opened the door to the delivery man on the morning of the wedding. 'Oh, I have a wedding bouquet!'

I guess I am still a bit dizzy, marrying in a strange land; with only a Swiss friend (who was a hotel colleague) on my side during that day. Oh, my husband's close family and friends were there, too. But it is still different when you are celebrating this very special occasion with your loved ones. Anyway, a wedding would always be something special no matter what.

So, here is my 'potted memory'. The flowers are drying gently. I love that it looked dramatic in the photo, especially the roses. Like coming from an old velvety film. Nope, it wasnt in a pot during that special day :-) Thanks to the thoughtfullness of my husband, he urged me to keep my bouquet, he said 'keep it, it would be nice to look at.' He caught me on the act of throwing it away!

The handmade blue 'pot' holding my 'potted memory' is a gift from my husband's old friend who lives in France. And you'll find my 'potted memory' on top of a grandfather clock, that was inherited by my husband from his grandmother. Memories, memories.

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Anonymous said...

wow! you kept your wedding bouquet and still looking lovely after all these years. Did you do something to preserve it?

ScroochChronicles said...

It must have been a beautiful bouquet!! It still is, actually, even if it's all dried up.

How were you able to dry it up without ruining it? Kung dito kasi yan sa Pinas, brown lahat yan.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, just lovely! What have been done and how?

Belated happy anniversary and many more years of wedded bliss to you.

Take care and have a great week!

Heart of Rachel said...

I think it's wonderful that you have preserved your wedding bouquet to remind you of that very special day.

JO said...

wow! impressive! like all the rest, how did you preserve it for 6 years???

thanks for visiting my blog.

raqgold said...

hi ladies, thanks for visiting and here's the answer to your questions: i dont really know! i just left the bouquet inside the plastic tube with still a little water left, placed it in the vase and left in on top of the grandfather clock. maybe because i made sure that the sun doesnt shine directly on it and the climate in europe helped, too.

feng said...

wow, that was indeed a sweet memories potted in a vase LOL. :)

i watched a segment i Charlene Gonzales show in ABS-CBN re: preserving wedding bouquets by framing them. it looked nice but haven't thought of that though with my own wedding bouquet, basta nailagay ko na lang sya sa box at yun na, na wither na sya :)

Analyse said...

wow, you managed to preserve it? galing.

Anonymous said...

ang sweet naman Raq! You still have those flowers, mine are gone. It gathers dust and I sneeze so much when I get near it so I had to toss it.

Painters coming? It's expensive to have it done here that's why I learned to DIY. I'm sure it's also expensive there.

Lynn said...

I like that! You were able to preserve your bouquet like you just bought them a week ago. I have to agree that it looked dramatic in the photo. Very nice!