Friday, September 28, 2007

Diddl Date

On a whim, I decided to bring the kids to Weinheim after picking them up from kindergarten this noontime. Actually, I needed to pick up my husband's sunglasses from the optic shop, too. And since it was my turn to clean the house this morning, (which I diligently did, resisting the call of the computer) I wanted to give myself a break and the kids, a treat.

So off to Weinheim with the bus. Yes, when going to Weinheim, we never use the car. The kids find it more an adventure if we commute. Our first stop? McDonald's! The kids got themselves so excited that they said they can smell hamburger and french fries right at the bus stop, hmm. Exaggerations :D

I thought leaving late noon, we could skip the crowd, uh-oh, nope. It seemed like most of the parents have the same idea. McDo was full! But since nobody lingered, we found a place immediately. We didnt linger, too. I got my husband's sunglasses and let the kids' run wild in the city. Before dragging them to a special surprise, a fan day with Diddl.

MC enjoyed her photo session with Diddl. But I got the real surprise, though so excited about meeting Diddl, IC wont be swayed on taking a photo beside Diddl. She wont even get near the mascot; even ignored the gifts waved before her. Nope, she wont have a photo with Diddl and that's that.
She didnt cry, just displayed a shocked look all throughout that short visit. I explained to her that there's a person inside the Diddle mascot; that Diddl is only a costume just like her when she's wearing princess dresses. She just nodded but still wont go near the mascot.
Her big sister had a ball, though. She finds the mascot so cuddly, she wanted to bring it home!

Now, IC was asking that Jollibee and Hettie be present for their requested kiddie party in Manila this coming February 2008. I would love to see that :D

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