Saturday, September 29, 2007

Leave Those Things Alone

Dont touch everything you see. Dont pick up everything you see along the way. Leave those things alone.

MC and IC know the rules. And they know why they are not allowed to do that: because we dont know where they come from, it could hurt them, and it might just make them sick with a simple touch.

It would be a another story if we are really outside to collect nuts or dried leaves or whatever things from nature that they would need to create their master pieces. But if they see a toy or a hair clip or a bottle or anything along the street, we always say never ever touch it or worst, dont ever think of bringing them home.

When and if they saw something really interesting and they are not so sure if they are allowed to touch it, then they ask.

Here comes a playmate from MC, we were on our way to the public playground for a stroll and a short climbing adventure. And MC playmate just started collecting everything she saw along the way: bottles, plastic bags, shards of glasses, etc.

Since the girls were way ahead of us, and IC was making me busy with her questions; I wasnt aware of what was happening in front of us until I heard the bottles landing on the street. Apparently, it was becoming too heavy for her to carry her 'treasures' alone and she was asking MC to help her.

MC was just looking at her and not responding. When she saw me, she started telling her playmate to throw those things away. 'You are not supposed to do that. Those things are dirty and you might get sick from those things,' she admonished.

I dont know if she'd have joined with collecting those things if I am not around. Anyway, I am glad she remembers the rules and the why.


Christianne said...

I hope my Annika grows up like your girls... pilya minsan (hey, it just shows they have imagination when they try new things and talk back right? hehe), pero sensible at nakikinig :)

Analyse said...

i hope louna too hehe.. but my little girl starts to pick up empty bottles or anything too.. and throw them in the garbage.. now i have to dissociate home and outside the home.. frenchguy jokingly said na baka maging basurera daw baby ko hehe..

Anonymous said...

There is a stage where they are just discovering things around them(toddlers) and it's difficult to tell them "don't, don't don't) all the time so I just used "danger or dirty or hot." But sometimes it's also unavoidable to say don't touch! It's good your girls know the rules. :)

Lil K would pick-up little buttons or artificial flowers on the floor and say she'll make something out of them. As long as she doesn't put it in her mouth, it's ok.

Mixednuts said...

I too am like that. I don't even allow them to hold the rail of the escalator! I just hold their hands for balance but they can pretty much do this themselves. It's great your child remembers the rules.

Heart of Rachel said...

It's nice that MC really keeps your instructions or reminders close to heart. I'm sure IC does the same.

raqgold said...

christianne, when you talk openly to your child and explain everything, it'll be ok. sempre masaya rin kapag makulit minsan, hehe.

analyse, ahaha, nung una ganyan din kami. sempre sa house they need to tidy up, ang impulse nila pati sa labas. am sure she'll realize the difference soon.

KK, we always start our little sermon with something like 'it's dirty. when you touch that, then you'll get....' kaya now they tend to ask first before picking up things. baka ma-sermonan sila sa kalye, hehe!

mayi, my husband is extreme din. aside from not touching the rails everywhere we go, he wont even let the kids use the public toilets minsan. hayyyy

rach, when IC wants to experiment, MC wont let her go until she followed the rules -- big sister!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! G collects acorns and shiny blue things from the school. And I helped him collect stuff too until his Dad reprimanded us. LOL

raqgold said...

greymom, at least if you are there with G, you can control the situation. but dad was the real police at this time, haha!