Sunday, September 9, 2007

Something to look forward to...

Opa and Oma would be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary next year. Opa is already planning way ahead. He already talked to the Protestant pastor. He wanted a mass to celebrate it. And then he mentioned, he might want to do it during a ecumenical mass (ecumenical mass meaning the celebration of mass for both Catholic and Protestant). This seemed okay to me, until I learned that during their 50th wedding anniversary; there wasnt any mention of having a mass. And there was not any. Huh? Maybe priorities change when we get older?

And then during a gathering with the whole family a few weeks ago, Opa asked our opinion on what to do for their coming 60th anniversary. Loads of suggestions came forth, actually from me and from one of his granddaughter. We both agreed, it would be lovely to have a family gathering in the health and wellness city of Abano in Italy. It was where Opa celebrated his 80th's birthday. I teasingly said that both MC and IC havent been there, as if it would sway his decision :-D

Of course, we also told him we could all drive someplace and have a nice dinner. But Abano, Italy would be best. Simply because I had nice memories of that place. I just arrived a few weeks in Germany when we drove there with the invitation of Opa. My husband and I were not yet married during that time. I didnt feel out of place despite the language barrier and despite being a stranger to them. Of course not, they tried their best to make me feel at home. I think we might have used more body and sign languages, and invented a few, just so that we would be able to undestand each other. I love them for making that effort.

Anyway, I know that it would still be another year (their wedding anniversary is on August); but talking about their anniversary and planning this special day with the two of them is something I enjoy. Both of them are in their mid-80s; I know that when they have something to look forward to, they would look forward to each day. They wouldnt want to miss something grand being planned for them, right?

The next time I visit them, I am going to bring a calendar and help them create a to do list to create some excitement. Just so everyday would just not be another day for them. They would have something exciting to look forward to.

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