Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finding the Right Pants

Photo: My newly bought pair of jogging pants from the kiddie section, size 146.

Actually, shopping for jeans and long pants have never been a problem for me.

Back in the Philippines, my father used to have a flourishing tailoring business; while my mom is a great seamstress. Thus, I can buy pants and have them shortened to my specifications. Or whatever clothes I fell in love with, for that matter. I can buy them and have them fitted to a T.

But since living here in Europe, I am having a problem. Most specially with buying jeans and pants. I usually end up buying capri pants. And when I really need to buy pants, I must go to the teenie section; because even the normal XS sizes would be too long for me!

I know I could always go to the seamstress and have the hems shortened, but it is simply too expensive. I could buy a new pair of pants for the price of having one shortened. Really! I do know how to shorten by hands, and even using a sewing machine. But with the specialized pair of pants, those homemade repairs wont do.

For example the ski suits. I would definitely need the right ski pants if I wanted to enjoy a winter holiday. It took time to find the right ski jacket; because the sleeves would be too long. But after three stores and an hour, I got the only SX jacket that we could find. But the ski pants took longer. I think it took more than 10 fittings before I gave up. I told the sales lady that the pants were simply too long. And she replied with, 'If you dont mind, you can go down to the kids section and you'll find the best fit for you there.' Arrgh. Of course I do mind, but what else can I do?

Amid the cries of little girls and boys in the kiddie section; I found an empty fitting room. My husband gave me three ski pants to try on. Thinking the biggest size from the kiddie section would fit me, he gave me those. Alas, nope. I had to squeeze into another 10 ski pants, before finding my size. Oh, that was some shopping expedition that I wouldnt want to repeat.

Good thing the girls found the kiddie section of that department store an exciting place, or else they would have gotten bored. And I wouldnt have the time to spare to fit those total of 20 pants!

Now, I have been looking for jogging pants since I got my appoinment as asistant trainer for the gymnastics club. I almost have given up hope; thinking I would need to use my capri jogging pants for the cold months, too. Hoping I could buy a pair or two during our planned vacation to Asia next year.

But this morning, while shopping with the kids, I found the perfect jogging pants for me. Right where I got the jogging pants for my kids, in the kiddie section. I gleefully grabbed two pairs, with the same design and color that I chose for my two daughters.

And what did the cashier said? 'Ma'am, this jogging pants sure looks too long for your eldest daughter.' Hmmm, should I raise my hands and say these pants are mine?


ScroochChronicles said...

ang liit mo naman. buti ka pa yan ang problema mo. siguro you'll have better luck in manila. maliit kasi sizes natin doon :)

auee said...

hehe You remind me of an ex-officemate. Every time we go shopping in the US, she heads for the kiddie section!

Acck seamstress! I just forked out £66.50 to have some trousers refitted. You're so right, super-expensive. And I'm 5'4" & the regular or petite size can still be too long for my legs.

Anyway, natawa ko sa pants mo, nasanay na ko na ang pants dito e undies!

Anonymous said...

Raq, have you considered buying a sewing machine? Me, I have a hundred times pero never really got around to doing it. Not that I can sew well tho.

raqgold said...

cookie, malaki lang talaga sila,hehe. am looking forward to shopping in manila :D

auee, dont you know, i was shocked when i had my pants shortened, too. i cant believe a pair would cost 10 euro already, arrgh! e ikaw pa, 5'4 na ha, ako kaya 4'11, hehe. pareho din actually, pants here are also undies :D

geri, i have a sewing machine; but sometimes the sensitive fabric or those with seams or designs sa hem, mahirap sya gawin e. i usually do it by hands!

Anonymous said...

raq, nagulat naman ako sa size 146 ganun pala dyan? siguro, you're very petite ano?

mostly go to petite section pero not a lot of selections naman hehe.