Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Sometimes we dont know how our kids are maturing until we really listen to them. That's why it is really important to make time for this little bonding, this storytelling, this 'how's your day'. For me and the kids, we sit down and talk during lunch time; after I've picked them up from kindergarten.

I usually prepare or cook the food while they rest by watching a bit of tv or by doing their 'homeworks' -- things I left for them to get busy on such as artworks or coloring books or their unfinished drawings. Sometimes, they also help me in preparing lunch.

And then we sit down for lunch and for our little chat. I could only revel with how fast my two girls are growing up, maturing in every ways.

MC simply astonishes me with words. This week she told me that she had to admonish IC who cried for help although she doesnt really needed help. 'IC, you are not supposed to call for help if you dont really need help. If you do that a lot of times, there might come a time that nobody would come to help you if you really, really need that help.'

With IC looking so guilty, I had to nod in agreement with what her big sister just said.

I explained to her that she could ask for help in doing work, help in reaching for an object, help in searching for ideas, help in looking for something -- but the loud and excited call for help, I explicitly told her, is a very sensitive one. When someone is in need of rescuing or is badly hurt; they also call for help. Thus, we should avoid that word when we dont really mean it. It should only be used when somebody is needing urgent help.

MC is aware of this already, we must have chosen the right kindergarten for her :D but I had to drum it a bit more in IC's head. Sometimes, she is simply too playful and too experimental and "too blinded by her 'who cares' behavior" for her own good. Oh, but she does have her big sister to keep her on the line!


Wenchie said...

Hi Racquel, maybe the younger kid is naglalambing to the older one. Same with my kids, they always ask help even if they can do stuff themselves, especially my bunso....

raqgold said...

rowena, sisterly stuff nga naman, haha.