Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Kids are Watching

On our way home from kindergarten a few days ago, the kids surprised me again with their questions, their answers, and their observations:

MC: 'Mama, do you know that Sylvia (one of their teachers) is pregnant?'

Mama: 'No, I dont know. How did you know? Did you ask her?'

MC: 'Yes. I asked her. I noticed that her stomache is bigger, so I asked her if she will have a baby.'

Mama: 'And she told you that she will have a baby?'

MC: 'Yes, she said she will soon have a baby.'


MC: 'Mama, how does the baby get inside the stomache?'

Silence on my side, I thought we have already cleared this thing up, read this. But nope, as IC is also waiting with great concentration for my answer, I had to think fast.

Mama: 'The baby would get inside the stomache because the mama and papa love each other so much.'

IC: 'Then papa would also get a baby.'

Her answer amused me until she explained;

IC: 'Papa also have a big stomache. That is why, he would also get a baby.'

Oops. That made me laugh but I immediately told her that only mamas' get pregnant. Papa got the big stomache because he loves to eat!


As told by my husband.

He talked seriously to MC about taking care of the things around the house. That when things get broken, we would end up not having enough money to go for a vacation or to buy toys for them.

And here is MC's answer:

'Papa, when we have no more money; it is very simple to have more. IC and I would need only to perform in one corner of the city. We can dance, sing or play an instument. Just like those people we see on the streets. And then someone would go around and collect the money from the people who are gathered to watch our show.'

Plain and simple.


Christianne said...

I think she got that from a Pippi movie - sumasayaw si Pippi and Tommy dance/play the harmonica and Annika runs around collecting the coins that people give them :D

auee said...

re: pregnancy...
I keep dreading this kind of subject. Hmmm birds and the bees, how early should we tell them the truth?

re: money
Hehe oo nga naman, easy money. Or like my niece keeps suggesting just go to the ATM!

ScroochChronicles said...

At some point in time, kids are bound to ask about the "birds and the bees". I remember my experience but it's too sordid to tell. Lola ko kasi ang nag-explain eh direct to the point yun. Hehehe :)

Dapat creative lang tayo when the time comes. Eh mukha namang maayos kausap yun girls mo. Tignan mo, mag-negosyo na sila eh kababata pa :)

raqgold said...

christianne, you are right there, hehe!

auee, when the questions come, minsan kahit you know the answer, it would still be hard to explain, hahaha.

cookie, sometimes the questions come back again and again; when you least expected.