Sunday, September 16, 2007


I just had to blog about it. I know that it is not good to compare, but I am seeing glaring differences between my two girls that I wanted to capture them in writing. I am sure they would be interested to know about them later, too!

MC, my five years old, loves cheese; IC hates it.

MC sleeps without a pillow; IC cant sleep without one.

MC loves Stephanie in Lazy Town; IC is still crazy about Pippi.

MC is a walker; IC would rather drive.

MC likes to play with friends; IC enjoys playing alone.

MC is too shy to even give an acquiantance a quick glance; IC greets everyone with a smile and a loud hello.

MC wont go out without combing her hair; IC would rather just go out.

When MC hears IC crying, she would cry in sympathy; when IC hears MC crying, she would come to me and say, 'I am a good girl, right?'

MC is not afraid of sudden, loud noises; IC would always jump.

When MC did something bad, she would be ashamed of it; IC would walk with an 'I dont care about it' attitude.

MC is tidy; IC would always irritate her sister by her clutters and would plainly refuse to help her sister to clean up her own mess.

MC still refuses to sleep alone; IC is already getting used to it.

MC would move with threats; IC would threaten you back.

MC loves chocolate ice cream; IC goes for vanilla.

MC would always inform us where she is: 'am in the toilet, am in the garden, etc'; IC would simply call out and say 'am finished, wash me up.'

MC gives up in crying frustrations most of the time; IC would be cool about it.

MC shares; IC wont share. MC wont share; IC shares :-D

MC dont like to go there; IC would love to go there.

MC slaps; IC pinches -- And when these things happen, MC would keep quiet; IC would blame someone (even her imaginary friends).

MC needs a hug when hurt; IC wants only a plaster (band aid).

MC would skip eating even if she is hungry especially if she's busy playing; IC would stop everything whenever she hears a noise in the kitchen.

MC would not accept defeat from the Sandman; IC would definitely inform us that she wants to go to bed NOW.

Whew, I enjoyed listing these things down. Who knows, tomorrow it might just be the other way around. I would definitely love to see their faces when they read this!

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